Formóbile 2018

One of the world's leading suppliers of decorative papers for the furniture industry, impress Decor Brazil drew attention to the eighth edition of ForMóbile (International Furniture and Wood Industry Fair), which took place from July 10 to 13, 2018 in São Paulo. The company make use of the opportunity to launch its new collection, the "I'm Pulse", to the South and Central American market - target audiences of the event - its new collection, "I'm Pulse” (I am pulse / impulse, free translation (in Portuguese Eu sou pulso/impulso, em tradução livre).

The new surfaces are the result of several studies and global surveys on behavioral and environmental changes that have a profound impact on the daily lives of people and cities, also influencing our lifestyle.

"In an era of computerization and a steady stream of information, we feel unrestricted and free. However, we have the feeling that time is passing very fast, awakening in us the desire to create lasting moments. Therewith we tend to return to the basics and to our traditions, while creating new ways of thinking about work, innovation and technology", explains Carolina Lacerda, commercial and marketing director of Impress Decor Brasil.

Mutually independent extremes that complement each other by creating new lifestyles and ways of relating to the spaces around us. On the one hand there is globalization, urbanization, people who are constantly moving and connected to one another globally. On the other, there is a longing for the discovery of peaceful and individual retreats away from urban turmoil.

And it is precisely from reading these movements and breaking the paradigms that separate them that the I'm Pulse collection was developed. Bringing rustic features and the flow of nature (The Pulse of Nature) in accordance with connectivity and urban technology (The Pulse of the Streets), in a light and discreet way, the new standards result in timeless and chic visual effects.

This new concept, of the urban in synergy with the natural one, already has been making success in the European market and now arrives in Latin America, accelerating the production and the new worldwide campaigns of the whole Impress group. The collection is divided into four lines that meet the search for humanization and customization of design, which has already been evidenced by the company in its latest collections.

The Pulse of the Street

With more than half the world's population living in large cities, the spaces that we live in are functional, stylish and connected – just like us. We are ready for everything at all of the times: learning, using and consuming at the same time. We feel the pulse of the streets, being attracted to places that offer us unique experiences and sensations. Thus, urban areas become hubs of knowledge and centers of creativity, which give us the impulses to feel complete. Within this theme were observed two movements in ascension. They are:

  • Urban Rush:

The movement is dedicated to the pulsating life on the streets of the metropolises and takes up themes of innovation, speed and flexibility through classic and dark colors, as well as elegant lines.

Concretes such as the Graphite or Fresco decors combined with lighter wood, such as the Noce Urbino, bring the most urban air of the city.

  • Cultural Vein:

This movement brings the pulse of various cultures through a variety of materials, colors and patterns fully aligned with multiculturalism and connectivity. Here, local traditions are combined with influences from distant cultures.

The combination of more marked fabrics like the Batist with as hot woods as the Laveno Walnut decors or the Bolero Pecan, provides an exotic and colorful blend.

The pulse of Nature

It's time to stop, breathe and revitalize us, away from stress, noise and everything that wears out. We want to have moments to reflect on life and our inner self, soothing our heart to a lightened pulse, allowing self-reflection, slowing down and staying in touch with nature. We want to feel alive, watching the senses - in slow motion if possible. To achieve this, we do not necessarily need to venture into nature, but rather bring it to us, creating a mini oasis that reinvigorates and restores our inner balance. Of course, all this without losing our connectivity. The concept is presented in two other lines:

  • Nature’sBreath:

Exploring the senses and the appearance of natural and original materials, this movement focuses on the essential.

Betting in the presence of stones, as in the Rambla, and natural woods, such as Pavia Oak, can harmonize and calm the environment. For the floor, the option of demolition timber as in the Pitch Pine pattern is a great solution.

  • Harmonic Flow:

Soft tones, such as nuance pastels, and flowing "Harmonic Flow" shapes create an oasis where you can dream back. They relax the body and soul, opening the way for intuition and self-confidence as conditions for finding a lighter, more balanced lifestyle.

Light woods such as the Abisko Ash, combined with warm fabrics like the Chester, bring the feeling of balance. Designs that mimic stones with shades of white as in Montello are also great for tops in the kitchen.


For each of the four movements included in the I'm Pulse concept, six new patterns of decorative surface designs were launched, totaling 24 new designs. They come in varied styles such as abstract, graphite art, concrete, stones, fabrics and the already famous woods. Each of them strategically thought to meet the demands that are high in the market, whether working them individually or harmonizing them.

In this way, the same individual can participate in both aspects of the collection. After all, within the same house the coexistence of different universes is possible. "While the living room is a technological and modern place, the room in the same house can be an area of ​​reflection and rest, for example," points out the commercial and marketing director of Impress Decor Brazil. "The big insight of I'm Pulse is that there is no public profile defined for each line, because all of them can apply at different times and situations of the same person or environment. All depends on the necessary stimulus - or pulse. “

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